About Us

To most people being an addict has negative connotations. 

However, here at Eames Addict we like to view our particular habit as an occupational hazard. A one time hobby or passing interest that has engulfed us like the rising sun over the peak of a mountain range covering everything in a golden mid century glow.

First peaked by an interest in eccentric chair design many moons ago, an enthusiasm for Eames and their designs has resulted in what we are today. With a desire to bring to you a selection of original Eames items, not just chairs, from the far pockets of the world and show, curate and sell them here at Eames Addict.

Consider us your local group 'Eames Anonymous' if you will, for a place to share your addiction but there will be no offer of a cure. Only a chance at further indulgence!

We are fanatics, enthusiasts, buffs, followers, fiends and junkies of the right kind. We are Eames Addicts!