• Eames Shell Chair Shock Mounts (set of 4 with glue)

Eames Shell Chair Shock Mounts (set of 4 with glue)

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How do you approach the hard sell on a shock mount? 

You need these mounts in your life. Your life will be considerably improved the moment these shock mounts arrive at your door step. These shock mounts can greatly help with your debt problems. 

Some of the above is true but most of it isn't. What is true is that our shock mounts are really really good! So if you need shock mounts and if you're reading this, you probably do. They will work as desired and are usually in stock so there's a minimal wait time. Made of the same material as the original they come complete with hardware and our special super sticky and easy to use glue which is guaranteed to be better than anything else on the market and believe us, we know!

Our glue is good for 3 sets of mounts (12 total) so if you've got more than one chair to fix you can find a listing for just 4 mounts without the glue. If you just love our glue (which is understandable) then order away at will!

We are not responsible for glue being used for anything other than shock mounting.