• Eames Shell Chair Shock Mount (single)

Eames Shell Chair Shock Mount (single)

Sorry, currently out of stock

That shock mount looks awfully lonely, doesn't it? 

Perhaps you should take it home? If you're need of a single shock mount of which we can only presume you are, then what's stopping you? They're just like the original ones, maybe even better! Our glue most certainly is. If you haven't already got our shocks on your chair you should just replace them all and use our glue too because it's way better than any other, addicts don't lie. Well, maybe they do but we don't fall into the category of the other addicts. 

Our set of 4 mounts with glue is available in this section and our glue is good for 3 sets of shock mounts (12 total) so keep that in mind when ordering. 

So, if you've read that and still want just a single shock mount, just the mount, no glue with no chair attached. Go ahead and press the button!