• Eames Shell Chair Shock Mount (pair)

Eames Shell Chair Shock Mount (pair)

Sorry, currently out of stock

Pick a pretty pair... of shock mounts! 

We even have some shells with shock mounts already attached if you're in the market? If you're just after a pair of shock mounts then it's safe to presume you've found the right page here. Our mounts are more or less identical to the original ones but our glue is most certainly better! If you don't already have a complete set of our shocks on your chair you should just replace them all to be sure they last the longest time. After all you don't want to be replacing shock mounts more than once, do you?

Our set of 4 mounts with glue is available in on the previous page and our glue is good for 3 sets of shock mounts (12 total) so keep that in mind when ordering. 

So, if you've read all that and still want just a single pair of (2) shock mounts, that's two shock mounts only, with hardware but no glue with no chair included. Go ahead and order now, we'll pop them in the post as soon as we can!