• Eames Lounge Chair Shock Mounts (4)

Eames Lounge Chair Shock Mounts (4)

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It's a sorry day and we're here for you, your lounge chair mounts have failed and it's a time of mourning. The Addict flag is at half mast.

But fear no more fellow Eames Addict, we band together at these tough times to provide not only a place of comfort but to help you take that step forward to a better time, a time of fixed lounge chairs and endless lounging! We've got a set of 4 to keep you covered, whether the lounge chair has given out completely or you're just savvy and purchasing some extras for a future struggle, we've got you. Our mounts are just the same as the originals, same materials, same strength, same color etc.

Today is the first step on your journey to a repaired lounge chair and we're honored to be along side you.