Eames Tables, Desks & Trays

Tables are perhaps something you don’t really think of when it comes to Eames designs but it’s actually quite an oversight. The Eameses designed many tables during their prolific reign of mid-century magnificence.

The most commonly found tables with the four leg design sometimes known as the ‘contract table’ or paired with the Aluminum Group Series were designed between 1957 and 1964 at the Eames Office in California. These consisted of simple designs in multiple shapes with bases that can be re-used and swapped around when needed. These designs are still in production by Herman Miller today.

Next we will move on to tables you might (and most certainly will in our case) find in your home, such as coffee tables, end tables and occasional use tables. The Eameses designed many coffee tables, all originally made from wood or plywood specifically. Rectangular, square and even round ones can be found in the collection and not forgetting the long surfboard or elliptical table.

Finally we’ll rest with a quick mention of the Eames LTR or wire base low table, these have been in production almost constantly since the 1950’s and can be found today with many different tops and frame options. If you’re really lucky, every now and again we come across one of Ray’s Walnut stools and although they are officially a stool we think they make an excellent looking side table so we’ll place them in this section.

Here you can find our current stock of Eames table designs.