Eames DSW Fiberglass Shell Chairs for Herman Miller - Vintage Red Orange

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What is it?

The shell chair that we know today was originally supposed to be made out of plywood, which incidentally are now in production by Herman Miller today. In the 1940’s the Eameses were trying to create a single-shell plywood form, but had to settle for separate molded plywood panels for the back and seat, this design would later become the Eames Molded Plywood Chair.

Two years later, they produced a single form shell chair made out of metal for the “International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design.” However the prototype was too costly to produce, so new materials such as plastic reinforced with fiberglass, a material that could be molded with ease and produced cost effectively and so the shell chair was born!

First released in 1950 and the first mass produced plastic chair! Through the years, color, height, base variations, and choices of upholstery have changed and been discontinued. This results in some designs being rarer that others and some colors a lot more desirable.

What's special about this one?

Oranges are tasty, good for you and a great color for your Eames chairs!

These Eames chairs are the older orange shade that's not quite as deep & solid looking and with lovely white fibers! The stamp looks to have been the 1959 Summit prime stamp so these are rare and genuinely vintage. The lack of an embossed Herman Miller label supports that theory. The chairs are in good vintage condition, there are some marks sustained through the years, a few scratches here and there but no cracks or big chips on the edges. They've been restored in house with new shock mounts and new replica bases.

This early Orange is quite a collector’s item and you can see why, they are very nice shade between red and orange and they seem to vary in color greatly depending on the room lighting. We first thought they were red, then after restoration we concluded they were actually the early pale orange.

Where will it fit?

H 31.75" W 18" D 21" Seat H 17.25"